Wage war against traditional salespeople and win
What is a Playmaker? A Playmaker is someone who uses data and science to sell more

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Join the Playmakers group to bounce ideas off of some of the world’s best sellers.
Discuss plays that are currently helping sales people hit their number.
Don't guess at the sales game, get access to proven research to help you win.
What Makes a Playmaker Different?
I test. You guess
I use science. You use your gut.
I have a playbook. You throw Hail Marys.
I am the CEO of my territory. You are assigned a territory.
I do whatever it takes. You do your best.
I change the world. You change your pay.
Who Shoud Join?
You’ll be joining a select group of salespeople who are passionate about their game. Playmakers know that data and science can make a difference in sales, and they consistently use this knowledge to hit quota.


Reps looking to take their game to the next level whether they are in sales development, inside sales, or field sales. 


Managers wanting to understand what the best of the best to do win whether they are in sales operations, demand generation, or sales.


Executives who know what great looks like but haven't been able to achieve it and need to network and brainstorm with their peers.
What People Are Saying
Gabe Larsen - VP of InsideSales Labs
"Times are changing and something different is needed and this Playmaker community can help. Alone I'm good and so are you but together we can do better . . . we can achieve more . . . we can be great. 

Join the sales revolution and together let's make a difference. Remember, success is just one PLAY away." 
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